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Succeed With Us!

CEO Patrick McDermott
Glasgow, D04 89GR

The International Training Force (ITF) was created after the tragedy of 9/11. The company was started as a non-profit to meet the demand for well-equipped first responders. After such a horrific tragedy we will never forget, ITF seeks to continue its mission of training brave men and women to save lives.


We do more than educate; we form long term business partnerships. Partnerships support the client with consultation and access to cutting-edge training, emphasizing the best practices regarding response to natural disasters or man-made incidents. We target decision-makers, emergency response personnel, and institutions that seek emergency response preparedness. 


We Train You To Save Lives.

We teach to NFPA, OSHA and CALEA standards. We offer a cost effective means of obtaining training in emergency response, Industrial safety and security.

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